summer vacation

School has been out for about a month and a half now. As much as I enjoy teaching, it’s been one of the best summers I’ve ever had. Not having to go to work every day and sleeping peacefully every night have seriously been the most refreshing and reenergizing thing I could have asked for.
I spent the first 5 weeks of the summer learning a new curriculum to teach freshman physics this fall. The program and its organizers (all outside of the NPS system) are awesome and I imagine this program will be wildly successful! My only hope is that the district communicates with the school building people to actually make this happen smoothly for my students.

Beyond that, we’ve taken a couple of weekend trips with friends to enjoy the beach, some live music, and the beautiful summer weather. We’re packing up our house to move next Friday. Wow. That’s coming quick. I’ll also be back helping out the 09 corps this week and next with round 0 and foundational tools. I’m looking forward to it, and some pressure to finish my own stuff so I’m prepared for the school year.

The rest of the summer will be painting, moving, unpacking, organizing, planning, setting up the classroom, and heading back to school. Looking forward to another great year!


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