About Him

  • I am 24 years old and if I knew how much I’d like Newark, NJ I’d have moved a long time ago.
  • The next leg of my adventure is taking me OCONUS for the first excuse I can find.
  • I want to share the great adventure of my life with you all.
  • Jesus is alright with me.
  • My life makes a difference in the lives of others…you’re reading this.
  • I can’t stand school. It’s just not for me. But social justice is cool.
  • When I sit down to log my ideas and thoughts, they’re usually different when I’m done.
  • I like dark rainy weather& am addicted to Monsters and Mt. Dew.
  • I like squirrels.
  • I’m got married sometime last summer.
  • My best friend thinks I am going with her, but it’s all part of the plan….still.

3 responses to “About Him

  1. You guys are to funny! But I like squirrels too.
    When you sit down to log your thoughts and ideas are they different because you actually had to clearly think them out in order to write them and therefore find something faulty or are they just more defined?

  2. So wonderful. You two balance each other out so well…even when it comes to squirrels. Have fun on your journey with Jesus and thank you for sharing it with all of us!

  3. love the blog and i to enjoy squirrels.

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